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LEARNING AT WORK WEEK: THE MILL (private team event)

Did you know that you can hire Art Macabre for your team-building or corporate learning event? From work parties and team socials to in-house professional development. we can bring life drawing to your office or studio! Just like we are doing for design studio The Mill, as part of Learning at Work week.

Art Macabre present a Future Figures themed event, featuring a duo of models wearing bespoke leather armour. Designed by LCF graduate Harriet Holt, these Carapace designs transform the women's bodies into futuristic warriors. With retro-futuristic influences, observe and sketch how the fetishistic fashion designs both restrict and emphasise the body's natural shapes. Meet The White Queen and draw her subject. This session will evoke knights, sci-fi and Metropolis. Unleash your sketching and fashion illustration skills and creativity.

Get in touch if you fancy injecting some creativity into your corporate team events?